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Black Girl Kurl - a passion project turned business is how I always describe it. In a group chat in 2017 I brought forth the idea of starting a blog to my closest friends and asked them what the name should be. One of them cleverly said "Black Girl Kurl and curl is with a K cause your name is Keturah!" and it's stuck since then. Originally just a blog with occasional posts supplemented with photos on instagram - in the summer of 2020 I took to the world of Youtube. I uploaded videos of myself trying different hairstyles with the camera I impulsively bought with my college refund check years before. An impulsive buy that I didn't know would have a greater purpose now. Then later that fall I decided to host a hair workshop. Sharing all of the tips I had learned and accumulated over the years. I also launched what I called "Kurl Kits," a box of hair care essentials at an affordable price. I also began hosting consultations as well - individualized 1:1 sessions on different hair care concerns and provide 3-4 hair care products at no additional cost.

So what changed from that initial idea? Nothing. It just evolved and found its purpose. Black Girl Kurl is the cumulative experiences of the young Keturah in high school watching videos online and learning how to marley twist for the first time. It's the broke college Keturah trying to snag deals on hair products and maximize her time between wash day and final exams. It's the corporate america Keturah navigating white spaces with her natural hair and figuring out if she should throw on a wig for a last minute team call or keep her cornrows out. It was the realization that my experiences aren't unique and that others need to hear about this so that they don't have to navigate the waters blindly like I did. It was the realization that just as I was in college, many people don't have the means to buy good quality hair tools and products and I could make it affordable. It was the realization that yes, hair stylists and professionals do know what's best but sometimes they come off rude and condescending as hell and because of that there are a number of people who they aren't reaching. Whether it seemed taboo or not i have a tiny bit of influence and can use my platform for good and by educating myself and doing proper research I could disseminate the information in a creative and friendly way.

It was purpose. 

Fast forward to now - how I sum up Black Girl Kurl? It's a lifestyle blog and natural hair care business run by Keturah R. where she provides tips, tricks and Kurl Kits. 

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