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60 Solo Date Ideas

I think a lot about the episode of Glee where Sue Sylvester, the menacing cheer coach hell bent on ruining the Glee club, decided to marry herself. Like sis had a full on ceremony! That scene was hilarious but as I get older I realize that Sue wasn’t crazy and if you read just a bit between the lines you realize there's a lesson hidden in that outrageous scene.

When it comes to self love sometimes you’ve gotta be bold and courageous. Sometimes you’ve gotta do the most for yourself.

I'm a huge fan of solo dates, self care days, weekends and all the #selflove. It shouldn't be taboo and I used to loathe when I'd tell my friends what I was doing and be met with a "wow you're so strong" and other pity filled comments. It's really just as simple as enjoying your own company and spoiling yourself simply because you can. If I can do something for myself, I'll do it. If I want to eat something - I will. If I want to check out an exhibit - I'll go. That's it and that's all. These small acts turned into something radical for me.

I set the standard for myself and how I wanted to be treated. There was nothing a man or anyone could do for me that I couldn't do for myself and that shift in mindset helped carry me during some of my worst moments in 2021.

And that's exactly what I did on valentine's day last year. I booked myself a weekend stay at a hotel and pampered myself. I got dressed up and went to dinner, ordered endless amounts of room service, went to the spa, museum and so much more. So if you're also spending this valentine's day solo or want to start going on solo dates and don't know where to start here is a list of ideas.

And if you want to pair this with an activity... create a solo date idea jar! I have a video up on youtube where I walk through creating my own.

Date Ideas

Seasonal Activities

  1. Pumpkin picking

  2. Sunflower patch

  3. Apple picking

  4. Berry picking

  5. Winter carnival

  6. Go to a fright night

  7. Go see christmas lights

  8. St. Patrick's day bar crawl

  9. Farmer's market

  10. Check out a local pop up shop

  11. Go to a fireworks show

  12. Go skiing

Food Related

  1. Try a ___ restaurant (fill it in with a new culture each time!)

  2. Attend restaurant week

  3. Hot pot

  4. Attend a cocktail class

  5. Cooking class

  6. Dress up and go to a michelin restaurant

  7. Go to a happy hour (bonus points on a rooftop bar)

  8. Order takeout and enjoy it in a park

  9. Have a picnic

  10. Go to a dessert bar

  11. Work in a cafe

  12. Wine tasting

  13. Bourbon tasting

  14. Cider tasting

  15. Dinner and a movie

Pre planned/Ticketed Activities

  1. Candle making

  2. Fragrance making

  3. Rug making (there's a class in NYC!)

  4. Ceramic painting class

  5. Pottery making class

  6. Rage room

  7. Amusement park

  8. Go to a sporting event (I have minor league baseball on my list... ever heard of the Rocket City trash pandas?)

  9. Go to a concert

  10. Food truck festival

  11. Go to a museum

  12. Do a dance class

  13. Axe throwing

  14. Go to a vineyard

  15. Selfie museum

  16. Go to a comedy show

  17. Check airbnb experiences for something near you!

At home

  1. Get comfy and have a movie night with your favorite snacks

  2. Make your own cocktail - get the ingredients and a bar set!

  3. Paint and sip

  4. Light up a hookah, pour some drinks and jam to your best party playlist - Club Casa.

  5. Put on new PJ's, do skin care, journal, and get some vibe playlists going. (Bobby Nsenga's videos on youtube are *chefs kiss*)

  6. Follow a youtube recipe for dinner

  7. Bake something!

Self Care

  1. Go get your nails done - and pay extra for the scrubs!

  2. Get a facial

  3. Get a massage

  4. Go to a flower shop and buy yourself a bouquet

  5. Go to a salt cave

  6. Go to a float spa (I did this for valentine's day '21 - AMAZING)


  1. Staycation - do a one night stay in a hotel

  2. Do a day trip to a nearby city

  3. Do a weekend stay in nearby city

These ideas are just meant to be a starting point for you. As you start to do these activities you'll figure out your likes and dislikes and start to formulate your own! The idea of going out on your own can be daunting at first... trust me. I know. But the hardest part is getting started. From there it's a breeze!


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