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18 Black Owned Candle Brands

It's Black History Month and corporate America is hopping on the bandwagon again. Each year they search for all 5 Black employees and snap pictures to paste them on billboards with blurbs on how they value diversity at their companies when behind closed doors... the hiring practices are biased and their board rooms resemble the 50s.

The first to start with the gimmicks was Bath and Body Works. While I would like to admit the intention, the initial thought, may have been pure - the delivery was beyond tacky. A few days ago they released special packaging for some of their best selling scents which are said to be Mali inspired designs and the proceeds are going towards their Bath and Body Works Foundation pledge of $500k to civil rights and racial justice efforts (which is a whole other thing in itself...).

Twitter, of course, erupted in rage. At first glance the designs of the packaging seem very thrown together. Like this was the best idea they could come up with on short notice. I think what hurts even more is that in an industry like candle making where there are so many Black businesses small and large that they could've poured into instead. It was very ill advised. They could've taken a number of other routes - commission Black candle makers and sell their work in stores as a limited collection, create a fund for Black candle makers, or work in partnership to release *new* scents.

Anyways chile... that's not why we're here but I thought I'd give you a bit of context. That was cute BBW... B+ for effort. F for delivery.

Now in the spirit of Black History Month and shopping Black every day here are 18 Black owned candle companies that you can shop!

Indigo Scents are made with soy and cotton lead-free wicks. In addition to candles they have a selection of bath and body products, reed diffusers, aroma sprays and so much more!

Light the Candle Co was started by a physical education teacher, Janelle, to give back to her students. A portion of all proceeds go towards supporting low income schools in Hempstead, NY and they also offer a candle subscription box.

Ardent Candle has the cutest and almost realistic cereal inspired candles and wax melts. Currently they have a limited edition gift box set with scents inspired by 6 Baked by Melissa cupcake flavors.

Lindsey Created is a design studio and a freelancer inspired candle shop. How dope is that? With candles titled "Raised my Rates" and "Paid Invoice" these candles serve as affirmations and self care for creatives.

As the name suggests, these candles are hand poured by a Brooklyn native and have received recognition from many as the best smelling candles ...ever. If that's not enough to make you want to try these candles that come in both travel size and 12 oz jars - I'm not sure what will!

Alexandra Winbush takes luxury to a whole other level. These candles come as a set with a perfectly paired tea and curated playlist to give you an experience like none other. Like..... what? Our creativity is truly unmatched,

CG Candle Co. offers 100% soy based hand poured candles. What makes them even more unique is their commitment to the environment - encouraging their customers to recycle by offering a discount if they reuse their old candle jars.

Founder Derek DeAndre describes HOAM as not just "another candle brand" but an aroma company that specializes in curating unique scent experiences. With candles named "We Time" and "Cereal Milk" these candles invoke memories and feelings of coziness.

Serenity Scent Co's core mission is to create natural and eco-friendly self care products. In addition to candles with beautiful scents like Black Currant Absinthe and Brown Sugar & Fig, they have all natural soaps.

Cozy Centric offers kits and individual candles that all come with a playlist to really set the mood as you light your candle. One of their most impressive is their layered, 6 scent candle. The wax is not only masterly poured to give you a beautiful candle but the scents compliment each other to give you an experience like none other!

If you love the crackle of wooden wicks as much as I do then Yasaf Lit is definitely for you! With packaging as unique and eccentric as the city they are made in - the candles are made with eco-friendly and clean burning coconut soy wax.

Beloved Aromas are hand poured in small batches right in Washington, DC. They boast vegan, paraffin free candles that will burn 50% longer than a traditional candle. Current collections include aromatherapy, holiday and their signature collection.

Entrepreneur, beauty mogul and Youtuber Jackie Aina launched Forvr Mood with the mission to rewrite the narrative of Black Women in luxury. WE deserve to be pampered too, spoiled, cared for. Black women are luxury - and that's the story these candles tell.

Blk Sunflower Co. is a Black woman owned brand with unique candles and scents that include marble designs. They also have a VIP box subscription where you can get 4 candles delivered each month!

Moods, by Yemmie launched in August of 2020 with their classic collection of 4 candles and has since evolved to massage candles, bath salts and reed diffusers! Their candles and diffusers also come in affordable sets of 4.

What makes Copper Wings Candle Co. unique is their commitment to their community. In 2020 they donated a portion of their sales for 3 months to the Children's Wisconsin Child Advocacy Centers. Their catalog includes both candles and wax melts.

Based in Durham, NC, Bright Black Candles pays tribute to Black greatness. Their latest collection titled "genres" pays homage to Black musical genius with scents titled bachata, gospel, rock and more. Bright Black Candles truly pushes the bar for story telling through scents.

The Black Home focuses on carefully curated pieces that include not just candles and fragrances but artwork and kitchen and dining items. The name truly fits and allows you to expand your opportunity to buy Black and have a home filled with the creativity and uniqueness of the Black experience.


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