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How Insecure Changed the Way we see Natural Hair

Insecure first aired in 2016 and I don’t know if you remember what the natural hair scene was like but let me remind you…

The girls were rocking silk presses, sew ins and the very few and skilled — wigs. If you did happen to rock your hair natural it was a rod set, twist out or wash and go. Cantu and shea moisture were at their prime, Carol’s Daughter still had a booth in Atlantic center and you could still find motions natural line in stores. It was a much simpler time. Youtube was the only place you could go to find natural hair influencers and they were few and far to come by. Some may say there wasn't even a natural hair community at all. I was one of two in my college friend group who kept their hair natural all throughout and of the few on campus all together. So you could imagine what the rest of the world and television was like.

Then came Insecure. When introduced to Issa for the first time in 2016 we were met with a fro. It was a small one but we were given ranges of hair styles nonetheless. Flat twists, faux hawks, side parts and more. Something we didn’t even see in our own world let alone on HBO.

Feeling inspired by Insecure's season finale episode I recreated some of my favorite looks

As the show and seasons went on so did the styles. More and more creative and no matter what the shows protagonist went through - her hair was ALWAYS slayed. Insecure and the stylist behind all of these amazing looks, Felicia Leatherwood, absolutely changed the game for natural hair on television. No one was doing it like Insecure. It gave us representation. It gave us inspiration.

Felicia took to the big screen and told us that we did not have to be confined to wash and go’s and twist outs. She showed us that our hair was professional, it was elegant, it was versatile as is. She broke down all the restraints of hair typing and styling myths and gave us new looks in every single episode.

I didn’t realize what a huge impact the show had on me till I found myself at 1am in my living room with a surge of creativity running through me. I sat in awe at the multitude of looks from the season finale and all I could think about was creating. An excitement pulsing through my veins that I really hadn’t felt in weeks.


Thank you, Felicia Leatherwood. Thank you for showing us that our hair knows no limits. Thank you for giving me the representation I so desperately needed. Thank you for inspiring generations. And thank you for inspiring me.


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